Client Care

What is Client Care? We can define Client Care in four core elements:
• Confidentiality
• Commitment
• Competence
• Courtesy
Law firms are hugely controlled and we have to demonstrate to our stakeholders, the Law Society, the Solicitors Regulation Authority, and the Legal Aid Agency and to others variety of clients that we provide high standards of client care. We are glad to state that these external entities and our clients agree that we do.
We mostly receive positive feedback from our clients and we are also open to take any negative comments and where necessary review them and develop our procedures. We are aware that coming to see a solicitor is frequently done due to a necessity of time rather than a choice and sometimes it may be a frightening experience for many people. By following these guidelines, we want to guarantee you that we will make all our efforts to make you feel welcome.
We will always be focusing on:
• Representing your interests
• Finding out what result you want to obtain
• Dealing with your enquiries courteously and promptly
• Advising whether these expectations are tangible and achievable
• Not to discriminate against you for any reason
• Keeping your business confidential
At the outset of the matter we will confirm, in writing:
• Your instructions to us
• The advice given to you
• Any action we need you to take and any information we need from you
• The name and status of the person looking after your matter
• What action we will be taking
• An estimate of the approximate time the matter will take to complete
• The best indication we can give you of the cost involved, and our charging rate
As the matter progresses we will:
• Advise you of any delays and the reasons for them
• Keep you informed of developments
• Inform you if our cost estimate needs to be revised or if there is a change in personnel dealing with the matter.
We have a legal duty to undertake money laundering checks and, when needed, release information about money laundering to the authorities. As Solicitors we also have a duty to the Court. These duties will always override the duty of confidentiality or the requirement to put your interests first.
So if you need legal advice, our initial consultation is a great first step, an easy way of finding out how we could help you without any cost. Call Hubers Law on 0203 488 0953 or request a free call-back using our online enquiry form.