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The regulation relating to landlord and tenant agreements is a complex area of law. It is imperative that the landlord and tenant both are aware of their respective rights and obligations. Because failing to comply with the rights and obligation could lead to serious financial and sometimes even criminal penalties.

While the law is intended to protect both landlords and tenants, it is, in effect, stopping them from taking matters into their own hands. For example, landlords are unable to evict a tenant without a Court Order for possession. Attempting to remove a tenant by changing the locks to the property could mean a landlord faces up to 6 months imprisonment and/or a £5,000 fine. On top of that, a civil claim for compensation for illegal eviction can also be brought against the landlord.

It is therefore crucial that the terms and condition of a tenancy agreement is agreed by both landlord and tenant from the early stage of the contract term. A poorly drafted tenancy agreement could result in disputes and legal action in the future.

At Hubers Law, our experienced team of legal experts offers a full range of services for commercial as well as residential landlords and tenants. The services include:

  • Advice for tenants who are served with a notice to vacate
  • Advice on your legal obligations when first renting a property
  • Advice on your legal obligations when taking or paying a deposit
  • Advice relating to disputes that arise during the tenancy
  • Advice on areas of dispute once a property has been vacated
  • Claims for rent arrears and damage relating to the property
  • Enforcement of Court orders
  • Obtaining possession orders from the Court on your behalf
  • Service of notices on tenants to vacate your property
  • Tenancy agreement advice and drafting service

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