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Our Family Law Services

When our clients are facing family, relationship and children challenged, we focus on giving them the best service possible. We have access to the all the essential materials across all the areas of family law. However, it is very important that the advice our client receive is compatible with the issue they are facing. We can assure our clients that our solicitors are well experienced to provide correct advice in a constructive and effective way. Our solicitors are trained to put client’s interest first and provide cost effective and long term solutions.

Divorce, Separation and Finance

Relationship breakdown is one of the most unsettling and difficult things that can happen in life. At Hubers Law, our aim is to sympathise with clients situation and provide highest level of advice and help them to take the right decision about their future.
Cohabitation and Living Together
Unmarried couples do not have same rights as spouse or civil partners in terms of property ownership and other issues. Besides, what should happen in the event of relationship breakdown are legally outlined

Pre- and Post-Nuptial Agreements

These agreements are for those who want to set out how their assets would be divided between partners. These agreements help a client to maintain his wealth, if there is any complexity involved with it.

Mediation, Collaborative Law and Arbitration

Meditation is the best possible way outside of the court to resolve any marital issues. We can find law society accredited mediator for our client to resolve their problems outside of the court.

Child Arrangements

We can help our client with all our expertise to find best child arrangement possible. We are also capable to helping, if there are any allegations of abuse, mental health issues or other complex matters including allegations of parental alienation.

Children and Social Services

We represent variety of clients’ cases involving social services. Our solicitors are specialised to provide expert advice matter concerning adoption. We also deal with cases regarding domestic violence, sexual abuse, radicalisation, factitious illnesses non- accidental injury etc.

Child Abduction, Relocation and Surrogacy

If your children is taken out of the country without your consent, you can contact us and receive specialise advice promptly and efficiently. On the other hand, if you are accused by your partner for child abduction, we also have the expertise to defend your position. We have the knowledge to represent parents on both sides, who wants to move aboard and keep contact with the children.
Our solicitors are also expert in cases involving parental rights and responsibilities. Sometime these cases are not straightforward and there are number of conditions which one must fulfil. We have the expertise to assist our client to meet all the criteria and conditions.
So if you need legal advice, our initial consultation is a great first step, an easy way of finding out how we could help you without any cost. Call Hubers Law on 0203 488 0953 or request a free call-back using our online enquiry form.