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Hubers Law does not work, as a Debt Recovery Agency, nor conduct business from a large call centre. You and your customers can expect to obtain a more personal service from our dedicated team of Debt Recovery and Dispute Resolution department.

We have a lot of experience in working with small and medium size businesses, however our service does not limit to commercial debts. We are also able to help private clients who are owed money for different reasons.

We have an impressive track record of recovering outstanding debts and we will manage all your Debt Recovery needs, from sending the initial letter of claim requesting payment, to issuing Court proceedings and enforcing a Judgment Order.

We consider no debt to be too large or too small, whether it be a “one-off” or in large volumes.

Competitive Fixed Fees

For debts that cannot be disputed, we offer competitive fixed fees for each stage of the Debt Recovery service, a proportion of which may be recoverable from your debtor together with Court fees and interest.  A full schedule of our fees is published on our website or can be obtained by contacting our Debt Recovery and Dispute Resolution team.

If you debt is disputed or defended, a full estimate our fees will be provided.

Can’t Pay Or Won’t Pay

In circumstances where your Debtor is not able to settle the debt due to lack of funds or cash-flow problems, in accordance with the Pre-Action Protocol on debt claims, we will negotiate weekly or monthly instalments suitable to both parties and monitor payments to ensure payment plans are adhered to and to take appropriate and immediate action should a default occur.

Your debt may fall under “won’t pay” category, although a dispute may not become apparent until after the letter of claim or commencement of Court proceedings.  In these cases we will endeavour to mediate an acceptable solution and settlement.

Disputed Debts

Hubers Law Debt Recovery and Dispute Resolution team will guide you during the process of Alternative Dispute Resolution to find a solution to the dispute. If Court proceedings have been issued and the claim is defended, our team will provide you with details of the Court procedures and assist you all the way through to trial and beyond.

County Court Judgment And Enforcement

If you have obtained Judgment but payment has not taken place, our team will be able to provide you with advice on the Enforcement options available to you (including High Court Enforcement Officers) and prepare the necessary paperwork and instructions on your behalf.

Absconded Debtors

If you are not able to locate a current address for your debtor, we have a number of Enquiry Agents at our disposal to assist on a “no trace no fee” basis (a small administration fee will apply).

Pre-Action Protocol For Debt Claims

In 1 October 2017, new Protocol was set up aiming to encourage early communication with a view to avoiding Court proceeding by negotiating payment plans or using a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

It is expected that the parties act in accordance with Pre-Action Protocol for debts claims and a court will take into consideration any non-compliance, including but not limited to a stay of proceeding or possible costs penalties.

The parties are also encouraged to act reasonably and proportionately taking into considerations the size of the debt and to ensure the efficient management of those matters in situations where Court proceeding cannot be avoided.

Business to business transactions (with the exception of sole traders) are excluded from the new Pre-Action Protocol and can carry on as before.

So if you need legal advice, our initial consultation is a great first step, an easy way of finding out how we could help you without any cost.  Call Hubers Law on 0203 488 0953 or request a free call-back using our online enquiry form.